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The "eyes" of "Until Brail" are preparing to refocus on women in business, especially those who venture into the international arena.  

As a  first step in updating this blog, I have deleted many of my previous posts, keeping those that address the challenges of bridging across cultures, either personally or professionally. Many of those pointers are still relevant and may have been buried under subsequent posts.

I hope you will enjoy these previous posts and I look forward to our future dialog!

Bethe Lee Moulton
I have just packed my bags to attend the Women’s Summit at the Harvard Business School to mark 50 years of women attending that institution.  However, even as I go to celebrate the growing leadership of and opportunities for women, I want to thank the many men who have been my mentors. Oh yes, and I want to share some pointers that have served me well in a business “culture” that was dominated by men. 

Had you asked me that question a week ago, I would have answered an unequivocal “no” or prepared for a riddle.  But, today, I am related…albeit by a circuitous route. And for me, it is more than a “small world story.” 

Credit:: Michael Dunn
The day of hearts and roses is a time to rejoice in the deep and caring relationships that complicate our lives. 

“Perfect is the enemy of the good.” Despite the wisdom in that proverb, I grew up obeying the rules and avoiding mistakes. Perfectionism was my hallmark, but Brazil showed me its limitations. Maybe that lesson can help you, too.

Have you ever stumbled during an international introduction? How do you turn awkward into opportunity? 

Yesterday, I caught myself giving a hug-shake. I invented this mixed move to deal with uneasy greetings. But, alas, I am not very original.  The hug-shake is officially defined in the Urban Dictionary!

By Sonia King, Mosaic Artist
“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and hanging on.”  Havelock Ellis 

With mixed feelings, I take down the battered calendar for 2012 and hang the crisp new one. Even as I anticipate events penciled in for the future, I resist throwing the old pages in the trash.  The calendar is trivial, of course, but represents the daily challenge of holding and releasing.   

“There’s No Place like Home for the Holidays.”  Perry Como crooned it and I find myself humming along. But, as the Christmas countdown enters its final week, I wonder whether the lyrics should be tweaked. By embracing the cross-cultural threads in my life, I feel grounded most of the year. However, on Christmas Day, I am adrift and wonder if others find their emotional compass spinning at Yuletide.

Latitudes and Attitudes.    Are you ever surprised when a side of yourself surfaces in an unexpected way in an unexpected place?    Convinced that I am stable and predictable, I still get a jolt each time the power of place shapes my personality. 

If you’ve found your way to The Cultures Within Café, I bet the answer is “yes.” You’ve come with your unique mix of life experiences and a strong dose of curiosity.  A couple of questions might be on your tongue.   “Cultures within – what does that mean?” and “What’s up with the exploding coffee?” Let me explain and entice you to join the conversation.

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    Bethe Lee Moulton brings a unique perspective to her writing, grounded in strong family roots and inspired by global experience.  Her career as an international strategist inspired her to write her award-winning novel, Until BrazilHer blog, The Cultures Within Café, is a place to share the challenges and joys and challenges of living in an ever-smaller world. Bethe divides her time between Boston, Buenos Aires, and Boca Raton, to be with her far-flung friends and family, spanning four generations, multiple cultures, and diverse worldviews.  



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